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SDF Commander-In-Chief’s Press Conference Highlights

 There are mobilizations in Turkey preparing for new aggression.
* Turkey will launch a military operation when it got the opportunity.
* The Turkish State did not comply with the 2019 Agreement of October.
* The Turkish threats on NE Syria still exist and there are mobilizations by the Turkish army on the line of contact with our forces.
*The Turkish occupying forces are invoked by pretenses that our forces did not comply with the Sochi Agreement signed in 2019.
*Over the past month only, Turkey has conducted 1360 attacks on our regions.
*Turkey is still conducting field and air attacks on our regions.
* The outcome of the investigations revealed that the attack on Gweran prison was launched from the Turkish-occupied areas.
*The Turkish-occupied areas are safe havens for the terrorists and from which they conducted terrorist attacks on our regions.
* We are committed to the Ceasefire Agreement, and our forces have withdrawn 30 k.m away from the borderline where Russian-Turkish patrols started to run and the Syrian Governmental forces deployed.
* Over the past two months, we had intensive meetings with our allies (US & Russia) to put an end to these Turkish attacks.
* The Stances of the International Coalition do not amount to stopping the Turkish aggression in the region.
* By launching the attack, Turkey aims at striking and spoiling the efforts exerted by the SDF and the Coalition against terrorism.
* It is difficult for our forces to fight on two fronts (ISIS & Turkey).
* According to the intelligence we have, ISIS is preparing to attack the al-Hol camp, so any attack by the Turkish occupation will undermine the war against ISIS.
* Efforts exerted by the Russian side to stop these attacks, and we are ready to confront any attack on our regions.
*The stance of the International Coalition is against the Turkish invasion.
* Our operation against ISIS has been curtailed, for we cannot fight on two fronts.
* We have accepted the Syrian Army’s reinforcement of some posts in Kobane and Manbij and some border areas to achieve its task of protecting the Syrian borders.
* We will do all the necessary work to avert war in our areas.
* If Turkey attacks us, it will get the appropriate response.
* We have drawn lessons from our past experiences, and we have been preparing for the war for three years.
* This time we will not be alone in the war, all the region peoples and the Syrian army are ready to defend the Syrian soil.
* We do not want the war, and we want to maintain the de-escalation.
*Turkish internal problems will force Turkey to launch the war, but this time the circumstances are different and the war will not be like the previous wars.
* We will not withdraw from any of our regions and our people in NE Syria will defend their country.
* Differences must be put aside, the homeland is in danger, so we should unite to confront the Turkish attack.
* We did not hold direct meetings with Turkey, except indirect meetings through allies and friends, and Turkey is not prepared to accept understandings.
* We call on all sides who have differences with the AANES to put all differences aside to address the Turkish aggressions.
* The Turkish forces failed to implement its threats due to its failure in its war against the PKK in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.
* The Syrian government forces have reinforced their border posts with heavy weapons.
* We view with interest the tripartite meeting between Turkey, Russia, and Iran that will be held on July 19, and we believe that the other parties will not allow the Turkish forces to attack our regions.
* We have high-level preparations to address any potential attack, and we take measures to confront the warplanes, and our response will be strong this time.
* We request Russia to comply with the Sochi Agreement (2019).
* If Turkey launches a new attack, a huge wave of displacement will result. So, we strive by all means to avoid this disaster and thwart these threats.
* We have dozens of ISIS prisons, and we have prepared to fortify these prisons.
*The international community is against the Turkish threats, and there are formal statements in this regard, but these statements are not enough to stop these threats.
* We have permitted the Syrian government to deploy its forces with its heavy weapons in our regions, and defending the Syrian lands is their duty.
*The Turkish-SNA are no more than mercenaries and some of its factions were put on the terrorism list by the international community.

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